Saturday, December 14, 2013

Final exam is approaching. Wishing all the struggles and hard work for this semester will end faster. However, being a final year student, I can't get away with this FAQ... 

where would i end up after this??

well, I have quiet a lot of options to choose from...
LLB, LLM, SPA, PTD, attached at law firm, start a business

First choice for most of the Law Degree holder students here in UiTM including me is entering the LLB professional programme. Where the students were trained and taught to be.. not just a good lawyer, but the best!!.  And again, it is always the matter of your CGPA, whether you are qualified to enroll to LLB or not. 2.7 is the minimum requirement. mine is only 2.6. Yeah i know. i need 1.0 more. LOL, wish it would be that easy. InsyaAllah... never stop pray and it requires a lot of hard work.

Considering of taking my LLM in Australia... but the fees are way toooooo expensive. 
Oh Allah, please guide me to the right path. 
Only You who knows best whats' good and right for me. 

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